Coast to Coast – Day 3

Keld to Reeth – 12.5 miles

After breakfast, with fabulous views over Swaledale,

we stepped outside to put on our boots. There were other C2C walkers doing the same, but in the doorway of the Lodge. Whilst outside I spoke to a group, also from the Midlands. When they crossed the Pennines they took the easier route as they didn’t want to risk the Pennine bogs, but today they had decided upon the higher route which passes some old lime kilns, is rocky and you have to cross another moor. They were soon on their way whilst we still had things to do.

After taking pictures we were walking into Keld

when Lynn realised he had dropped the lens cover for his camera. Fortunately it was found and we were off to locate the trail. Walking down the hill to the village

we soon discovered the path leading towards the river.

The path was wet and slippery from last night’s rain so extra care was needed. As we climbed, the track became easier, the views were stunning and the sun began to shine. Each time we stopped our views of where we had walked from were brilliant.

Following the River Swale, we continued along the path leading into Swaledale Valley. We had to descend the hill to be near the river and here we

passed part of old kiln workings in the hillside. Shortly after this another walker came by. He was from Japan and

after a quick chat he was off, leaving us to savour the moment. Photos taken we were on our way again. The river was very low and gently flowing

yet, you could just imagine how it could swell in bad weather. As we followed the river, tucked behind some trees was Swale Bridge

which was well built with no signs of deterioration.

Walking further on

we were about to enter a field when a pony appeared, followed by a horse. The pony seemed to be inquisitive whilst the horse appeared to want to block our path. Lynn then showed them who was boss and pushed them out of the way. I, on the other hand, just watched as I find horses big and unpredictable.

Before long we arrived at Gunnerside Village where we decided to have lunch. We came across a small garden area in the centre of the village

so it was boots off, lunch at the ready. After enjoying a tranquil break in the sunshine

we saw from the sign how far we had to go.

We set off and on heading across fields towards Reeth, there were lots of narrow stone stiles which made life awkward, especially with a pack on your back. Now the weather seemed to be changing, there were grey skies and it was noticeably cooler,

but not yet time to don the waterproofs. Before long we arrived at Reeth just at the right moment as it had started to rain. Our B&B was about two/three minutes off the route and we were welcomed with a pot of hot tea and homemade scones. During the humorous conversations we had we were advised where to eat in the village. We then settled in to our rooms to freshen up before venturing out for the evening. The recommended pub was quiet and had plenty of good food to choose from the menu. We had our delicious meals and a drink, and then it was time to return to the B&B.

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