Coast to Coast – Day 6

Danby Wiske to Ingleby Cross – 10.5 miles

The weather was wet but, as luck would have it, it had stopped raining.

We set off after saying our goodbyes; the route wasn’t an issue as our B&B was actually on the C2C path. We were walking on road for about a mile

before we were soon crossing fields again. It started to rain so we put on our waterproofs, only for the rain to cease. We arrived at Wray House Farm where we had to go over a stile which for some reason had been decorated with plastic animals and a skull.

As we stepped on the stile a hooting sound was emitted from the owl. This was quite funny and helped lighten the day. We crossed a railway line joining a road until we reached Harlsey Grove Farm where, as the sun was now very warm, a brief respite was needed.

Then we were off again along a gravel track with fields either side

before joining a road for a short distance. Continuing down gravel paths, well up ahead we could see other ‘Coasters’ we had met a few days ago. Also ahead of us were the two ladies,

who you couldn’t help but see as the L plates on the rucksacks were clearly visible. As we entered the field, Lynn and Steve started singing again; this time it was ‘Alouette’. What we hadn’t noticed was that the two ladies had stopped for a break, so we approached them singing at full volume! As we neared they sat there smiling, calling us the ‘happy walkers’, and after a brief chat we left them to rest. Now we were back in cornfields

looking for way posts of the C2C

We had a small detour before finding one that was covered with foliage. We planned to have a tea break at Exelby Services, checking the map we could see we were close.

In the car park at the back there was a cafe’ with outside tables and as we arrived the group from the Midlands was just leaving having earlier had lunch. We sat down, boots off, then had our lunch as otherwise we would arrive too early at our B&B.

Now replenished, boots on, it was time to face crossing the A19 dual carriageway, known as the most dangerous section of the walk due to the volume of traffic; luckily we found a quiet point so Lynn & I ran across

whilst Steve hesitated and waited.

Within a short time we were at Ingleby Arncliffe & Ingleby Cross

We arrived at our B&B where we left leaving our rucksacks before exploring the area. At the crossroad there is a decorative water tower

and we were reading about it when we noticed the elderly couple we met in Richmond coming towards us.

We talked a while then had a stroll around the village

which is only small so it didn’t take long. Outside one house fruit & veg were being sold

by the gate with an honesty box alongside; it’s not very often we see this on our travels. We walked on to find the Blue Bell Inn,

(10 minutes from our B&B) the only pub in the village. As we arrived two ladies were sitting outside at one table; alongside them were two more Australians who were drinking and resting their feet. During conversation we found out that the ladies, (Tracey & KItti), were walking independently and had only become friends on the walk.

As this was the sole place in the area for evening meals we booked a table. It was still too early to go back to our B&B so we had a drink and chatted more with everyone.

Upon returning to Elstavale B&B the landlady invited us to have tea & scones.

We discussed the breakfast menu and were shown to our respective rooms. Our host proceeded to talk about the C2C as she had done it a few years ago. She told us some of the ups & downs of the walk in a very dramatic and witty manner which added to the day’s pleasure.

As we were freshening up it started to rain heavily, then stopped. When we set off walking towards the Blue Bell pub

the rain started again so as we got closer it ended up as a quick walk. In the pub having a meal were Tracey & Kitti, plus a few other walkers. We had our dinner in a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere whilst outside the rain was lashing down with the occasional flash of lightning. After the meal we asked the barman if we could order a taxi, at which point he went off then came back to tell us that his wife would take us to our B&B when we were ready. What a very pleasant way to end the evening, such kindness from a stranger.

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