Coast to Coast – Day 7

Ingleby Cross to Great Broughton – 12 miles

Ingleby Arncliffe & Ingleby Cross as mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 as (Englebi).

Next morning we set off in bright sunshine, waving to our hosts’ young children whose custom, we were told, is to wave to walkers as they leave. Heading towards the Blue Bell pub and Arncliffe Wood where the trail begins, we met Kitti who was heading towards her accommodation to prepare for the day. Crossing the A172 from Osmotherly to Swainby Road we headed up into the woods

following the sometimes steep gravel path until we reached the junction of the Cleveland Way. Turn sharp left we were soon at the top with fantastic views over the Vale of Mowbury

and Steve wanted to show –again – how enigmatic he looks.

As we admired the scenery other people passed by walking the Cleveland Way. We continued along the path,

passing the telecom station,

until we arrived at the top where we could now see Scarth Wood Moor covered in pink heather.

As we crossed the moor

we soon joined up with Lyke Wake Walk

in Clain Wood.

Following the path we crossed a road now heading onto Huthwaite Green, climbing steeply to Live Moor & Carlton Moor

until we met a trig point.

From here we had our first sighting of the North Sea & Teesside so decided it was an appropriate time to find a good spot to take off our boots and have lunch.

Our views were spectacular.

After this rest it was off towards the old alum quarry which was fenced off. By now the wind had become quite blustery. We passed Lord Stones Cafe’ on Cringle Moor which was busy with tourists so we didn’t stop, then on towards the Wainstones,

our third high point of the day above 1,250 ft. As we approached the ascent we saw a path leading around the Wainstones at a lower level. Being El Maggioretto / El Capitan, I suggested we took the lower level so as to be in the shade of the trees; if we took the higher route we’d be exposed to harsh sun light. The decision was made: we follow the lower route all the way to the B1257. Here we could phone our hotel which was two & half miles away and was running a shuttle service for C2C walkers to its location in Great Broughton village. At the hotel we settled in with some light refreshments and met up with fellow coasters, before going to our rooms and relaxing prior to our evening meal.

After dinner, it was time for an early night for the next day.

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