Camino Way – Day 6

Melide to Arzua 13km (8.12 miles)

The breakfast area this morning was busy with locals and a few fellow pilgrims. After a hearty repast we soon prepared ourselves for the next stage to Arzua and as we were leaving we looked around to say goodbye to Jackie, but there was no sign of her. Stepping outside it was overcast with a slight drizzle and walking through the town we passed by a Sunday market

which was already busy at 9o’clock. To our surprise we met Sami & Alicia and exchanged pleasantries with them before going on our way. Within a few metres we were walking uphill, a steep hill, which, as you well know by now, isn’t good for the digestive system so soon after breakfast. We were walking mainly through forests, crossing rivers and streams via large stepping stones

which could have been tricky in heavy rain. There were several ascents today and I remember going up one particular long, steep hill with small cafés en route; unfortunately they were all full so we didn’t stop.

We walked through eucalyptus and pine trees and through the quiet villages of Bonete and Castaneda to Rabadiso where we reached the bridge over the River Iso.

There was a café open but as it was lunch time it was busy so we crossed the bridge and continued to Arzua.

We were now walking uphill again towards the town and the major N547 road. As we were near the top a voice from behind spoke. It was Jackie, the lady we’d met yesterday; she had set off early whilst her friend, who was suffering with pneumonia, had gone ahead in a taxi to meet her at the next accommodation. The others in her party were nowhere to be seen!

Approaching the town, which appeared busier than I’d expected for a Sunday, the rain started and this time it wasn’t just drizzle. At this point Jackie decided to take shelter for a while as she had another kilometre to walk outside of Arzua town. She was meeting her husband who was to walk the rest of the Camino with her before they went on holiday together. We said our goodbyes and continued into town where we soon found our hotel. As we approached the entrance we could see a line of suitcases outside under a canopy, but couldn’t see ours. On booking in we were told our cases were in our rooms.

After a quick check and a change from our wet gear it was back to reception to ask for recommendations of where to have lunch. Once we had directions we were off. Within five minutes we were having refreshments and tapas and as we liked the place we decided to eat there later, so we booked a table for the evening.

As the weather had improved we decided to have a walk round to check out other restaurants. There were some interesting, but expensive, places to eat so we decided to return to our hotel for some relaxation.

As we crossed the road and turned the corner we met Sami & Alicia who had just arrived in town and were looking for their accommodation. As it turned out we were standing right outside it and hadn’t noticed!!

We went back to our rooms for a warm shower and rest and then spent a very pleasant evening in a wonderful atmosphere with lots of people eating and enjoying themselves. After our meal we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.

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