Dales Way

Preparation / Planning

For my preparation I used to walk a regular 10 – 12 miles to build up stamina. There were also occasional days over Long Mynd and up the Llanberis path, Snowdonia.

Steve, a friend of mine who is also an avid walker, often accompanied me on my training walks and became interested in doing The Dales Way but unfortunately he would only have time to complete the first 3 days.

The travel company Mac Adventure sorted everything for me and they were brilliant. They arranged for my bags to be carried on to the next B&B, all I had to do was plan what to take with me each day.

This is how my first long distance adventure started.

The Route

Day 1 Ilkley to Burnsall 13 miles
Day 2 Burnsall to Kettlewell 11 miles
Day 3 Kettlewell to Outershaw 8 miles
Day 4 Outertshaw to Cowgill 15 Miles
Day 5 Cowgill to Sedbergh 12 miles
Day 6 Sedbergh to Kendal 12 miles
Day 7 Kendal to Bowness 11 miles

The Adventure Begins:

Late on a wet Sunday afternoon my wife & I arrived at the Riverside Hotel in Ilkley – we found it to be very comfortable with good food, drink and very pleasant staff. After a relaxing meal and nightcap it was bed time after our long journey.

The next day it was time for a Dales Way preamble, a walk around Ilkley’s shops and a pot of tea in the famous Betty’s tea room before meeting up with Steve.

When Steve arrived he booked into his hotel and then we took his car to East House Farm, Beckermonds near Outershaw ready for his return to the Midlands after his third day of the walk.

Whilst at Beckermonds the landlady, Mary, promised us a welcoming pot of tea at the end of our day’s walk (Read on). 
So it was back to Ilkley for a pre-Dales Way dinner and drink before retiring for the night.

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