Dales Way – Day 5

Cowgill (Dent) to Sedburgh – 13 miles

At breakfast, a man on the next table was studying his map and books. Steve asked if he was walking the Dales Way, which he was, but after hearing his accent it was evident he wasn’t from England so Steve asked where he was from. He said he was from Holland and was walking to explore the north of England. He said his wife had given him permission so he was OK to enjoy himself, ha ha ha. After a friendly chat and discussion about Brexit etc, we were ready to jump into our awaiting taxi to take us back to yesterday’s finishing point, to then start our day’s walk to Sedburgh (locally pronounced Seba).

We loaded up our things, and were off to Cowgill where we finished the walk yestarday.As we arrived the weather became overcast and cooler. We walked via the river, crossing fields until we arrived back in Dent.

We walked around the village looking for places to buy lunch; the only place open was at the Post Office. The people here were very helpful and actually made up our sandwiches whilst serving other customers. Then we were off again looking for the trail and we headed back to the river where we saw other walkers we had met the other day. We continued on to the river and followed it for sometime before heading up into the hillside.

As we were passing a farm, there in a corner by stables was an alpaca,

but it could have been a llama (I’m not sure of the differences). It wasn’t long now before we were walking on a very quiet minor road, at the base of Combe Scar & Calf Top 609m, passing farms looking for a suitable place to have a lunch. We de-booted and set up our tranquil little lunch spot when suddenly a group of cyclists came by, then dog walkers followed by the occasional car and other walkers. So much for a quiet spot!

After lunch we set off again and

more hills, crossing a busy road then climbing before we saw a sign for Dales Way; leading us towards Millthrop

the views were very good despite some mist around. As we were following the trail up a reasonably steep section, again from out of nowhere, a low flying jet passed through the valley heading north. As we reached the high point we could see Sedburgh in the distance. Following the

trail to Millthrop we actually caught up with the three Irish ladies we had met by Cam Moor. After a brief chat we were soon on our way to Sedburgh for the night, passing what looked like a very public school with lots of ground around it. We were now looking for the Dalesman Country Inn.

We arrived in the town,

turned along the main street until the end, then headed back the other way. Guess what? It was the opposite way to where we were going. Eventually we arrived and booked in before being shown to our rooms.

After a rest, a cup of tea and a refreshing shower, it was time for dinner. As we were having a very welcome pint, we ended up chatting to a couple, also walking the Dales Way. Whilst talking to them, I noticed that in the background was the BBC news reporter Danny Savage; he later disappeared to have dinner.

After our meal and conversations with other walkers, we went on a walkabout around Sedburgh before retiring for the night.

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