Dales Way – Day 1

Ilkley to Burnsall 13 miles

The next morning Steve and I posed at the start of the walk for the typical photographs near the bridge. Then, with goodbye kisses to my wife and waving farewell, we set off on a slightly overcast day, Liz drove off home to the Midlands – at the weekend she was going to stay with friends near Blackpool before meeting me at the finish in Bowness.

We walked on to Addingham where we saw a church with a blue clock face. How unusual.

The sun came out to join us and at Bolton Abbey, where the crowds had gathered, we stopped for the first lunch of our walk. We found a table free and then took it in turns to get food so that no one would take our table. We rested, kicking off our boots letting our feet cool down ready for the next section to Burnsall.

We walked towards Barden Bridge, passing the Strid on the way, where we had to try the local ice cream from a van parked at the side of the road; this was our dessert. The route became

very quiet from here on, not many people to be seen until we got to Burnsall, 
Here we were booked in to the Manor House, next to the Red Lion, where we had a quick pick me up tonic (a pint of Black Sheep beer), well deserved after our 13 mile walk.

Up to our room for a shower, a change of clothes and preparation for the next day’s walk. Then it was back to check on the tonics (Black Sheep) to see if our taste buds were still OK before having dinner.

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