Dales Way – Day 2

Burnsall to Kettlewell 11 miles

We left the Manor House after breakfast, heading towards Grassington. As we set off we noticed that two women were about 30 yards behind us and we could hear them talking, they were even talking over our conversation! We tried to increase the distance between us but they were still there 30 yards away, so we decided that when we get to the suspension bridge we would stop for a photo shoot and let them pass.

After they had passed us we let the gap get bigger, a least 50 yards or so ahead, and we could still hear them talking, (its amazing how far sound travels when it’s walking away from you).

With a pause at Linton Falls, it was on to Grassington, where we purchased lunch from the local bakery.

As we left the bakery we heard the same two women again but this time they said “hello” so we had a few friendly words before they walked back to Burnsall whilst we went in the opposite direction. We returned to the Dales Way trail leaving the town for my first contact with cattle. I followed the path close to Steve and watched for the slightest movement towards me, with walking pole at the ready to defend myself. However, as informed by many, the cows just watched us walk by.

Further on we took a slight deviation off track (not intended!) where we met an American family who were also walking the Dales Way, but were also lost. So we improved US & English relations by guiding them back on to the trail. We walked to Conistone Pie and had our lunch overlooking the valley.

These are the views from Conistone Pie

After lunch and an airing of the feet we were on our way to Kettlewell and as we arrived we found a lovely tea shop where we had Yorkshire tea, a slice of home made cake and a bit of banter with the staff, it was brilliant. Then on to the Blue Bell Inn to book in for the evening. After a shower & a change we took a stroll around the village where upon we found the Kings Head pub, so we had an aperitif or two of Black Sheep before returning to the Blue Bell for dinner.

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