Dales Way – Day 7

Kendal to Bowness 11 miles

At breakfast I met the other couple the landlady had been waiting for, they were walking the Dales Way also. They had finished their walk in Burneside, further than I had yet walked. They were mother & son; he was over here visiting his family as he now lives in Australia.

After breakfast we piled into the car to be taken back to our respective start points. The weather was kind again and the sun was shining as we said our farewells and wished each other a good walk.

As I was getting near Burneside the path became fairly easy, just following the river to Staveley. As I neared the bridge there was an old timer walking his dog, we chatted for a while before leaving to go in to Staveley Village.

After walking partially through the village the distant hills were coming more in to view.

The scenery was amazing and the bonus was the weather, it was so clear. Following the path way I eventually arrived at the last tea shop on the route, Hag End Farm. As I arrived I met the two people I had had breakfast with this morning. We discussed how things were going and that we were nearly at the end and after a refreshing mug of tea we joined company to finish the rest of the walk together. We chatted endlessly finding out about each other and our enjoyment of walking. We headed through a farm where there must have been 200 or 300 sheep all bleating, the noise was almost unbearable. Obviously the farmer had reasons to put them together but we didn’t hang around.

As we walked, checking the map several times, we saw the sign for Bowness, we knew we were close.

We entered what we thought was just another path but as we continued downhill we had our first glimpse of Lake Windermere.

As we were walking down the path the view became more impressive and I could also see the seat indicating the end of the Dales Way. As we approached I realised someone was sitting on it (you can just make out the image in the bottom left of the picture) and I said to my fellow walkers that I hope the person clears off before we get there. As we got closer I started to recognise that person, it was my wife Liz. To my amazement – and hers – she had walked up what is probably the steepest hill I have ever known her walk up…..hihihi

We met up with hugs & kisses followed by an introduction to my two companions and then it was time for our last photo shot of the end of way.

After saying farewell to my fellow walkers, we went our separate ways. They had to head off to meet their transport back to Ilkley whilst Liz & I went for a pot of welcoming tea & cake to celebrate.

As an appropriate finish for someone who likes the lakes as much as I do, I dipped my boots in Lake Windermere, before boarding the launch to sail to Ambleside with Liz, where I would celebrate my 63rd birthday with a few days break to recover.
But Liz had other plans. She decided the I needed a cooling down walk to get over the past week’s activity, so she took me shopping around Keswick……How thoughtful is she ????

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