Great Glen Way – Day 6

Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit (locally known as Drum) – 15 miles

At breakfast we met our hosts and, surprisingly, the two Australians we had met at Forest Lodge a couple of days ago, plus the American couple we met at the Bridge of Oich, so friendly conversation was plentiful.

After breakfast, bags and lunch packs stowed away, we were off for another climbing day. We joined the trail and the path led up into the woods,

becoming steeper and steeper as we progressed. Our aim was not only to get above the tree line, but also to find the view point from the man made wooden ring. As we found ourselves in the clearing, and above some of the tree line, we could see the wooden ring ahead.

Occasionally we had to step aside for cyclists. We continued until we reached the view point where we met up with the Australian couple and Steve offered his photographic skills to take their picture together.

We stood and chatted a while before they set off leaving us to take photos of each other and the views, again of Ben Nevis and the mountains.

After a short respite we set off, now climbing even higher and it was getting warmer. As we got to a fairly steep section we could hear a motorbike coming along the trail. It turned out to be the local forest ranger checking on the fences, looking for anyway deer could get through. We stood aside to let him pass and watched as he disappeared up the hill.

As we climbed further we met up with him again repairing the fence. He talked about the wild life, deer, squirrels and eagles and was very informative but, unfortunately, we still didn’t see any wild life, which was disappointing.

As we got to the summit,

where, our guide book said is one of the best places to see Loch Ness. Sheltering by the curved wall was the young lady from Iceland we had met the other day. She was cooking her lunch on a small stove

and we had a brief chat before taking more photos. We started the long descent back into the forest to where the path joins up with the lower trail and upon coming across a man made shelter, similar to the one the Icelandic girl was using, we stopped for lunch.

We noticed that dark clouds were heading our way and, although rain wasn’t expected, it looked threatening, so lunch over we were soon on the move. On the way down we met three Irish walkers whom we’d seen at Laggan Locks having a break, but were too far away to say hello. They greeted us as they passed by whilst we took more photos of the scenery.

Heading on we came to a timber bridge, known as Troll Bridge

which is decorated with poems and artwork. We continued until we arrived at a very dense, dark wood

where a torch would have been much appreciated. As we neared Drumnadrochit we needed to don our waterproof jackets as it had started to rain, tho’ it turned out to be just a shower. We decided not to make a detour to see Urquhart Castle so we continued on to the A82 Inverness Road and headed into town to find our accommodation. The downside was that it was at the far end of town so making us pretty tired at the end of the day.

We arrived at the Fiddlers Rest Inn to find arrangements were not as expected but after some discussion we were given a larger room, which solved the issue. We went for dinner and a drink in the bar downstairs; the meal was very tasty and plentiful. We met the American couple again and it transpired the man worked for the

US Government. They were enjoying the walk and hoped to see us at the end. After they had departed we had a little night cap before calling it a day.

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