Great Glen Way – Day 8

Inverness to Wolverhampton

This B&B’s dining room was full of oddments, paintings and antique furnishings which had a distinct French feel about them. As it turned out our host was originally from France, but now living in Scotland and had been for some years. She plied us with a lovely breakfast before ordering us a taxi to take us to the railway station.

With fond farewells we stood outside with rucksacks and cases waiting for a large taxi. When it eventually arrived it was a car and we immediately thought it wouldn’t take all our cases and sacks, but it did – fair play to the driver for his packing skills.

At the station we only waited a while before boarding our train to Glasgow via Perth. The scenery was good but you could sense you were leaving the Highlands as the landscape became more urban.

At Glasgow we walked from Queen Street Station to Glasgow Central. It was lunch time now so there were lots of shoppers, workers and tourists about.

As we left the railway station we knew that a Texaco Express was nearby so we purchased our “Meal Deals” lunch. What a bargain! We headed off to Central Station and upon arrival it was only another short wait before we were allowed to board the train to Wolverhampton.

En route the ticket collector came along to check tickets but found a man without one. When the passenger became abusive and angry the ticket collector left but when we arrived in Carlisle station police boarded the train to ask the angry man to step off the train to discuss the issue. He refused to leave, but after swift action and control of the passenger, the police got him off.

Onwards now to Wolverhampton where we had a taxi to take us home.

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