West Highland Way – Day 5

Tyndrum to Inveroran – 10 miles

At breakfast the weather was overcast but the forecast was for possible early drizzle with some sun later. With packed lunches in our rucksacks we said our goodbyes and headed back into town. The path was easy to find as it was just after the “Green Welly” Shop, off the A82. We started by walking uphill again,

which seems to be the norm after breakfast, before joining the old military road. The path now lay between the main A82 on our left and a train line on the right. We crossed over another bridge, so both road & rail were on our left, following the path with the impressive conical sight of Beinn Dorain (3529ft) in front of us.

We could see the mist rolling across the mountain; the top became exposed as we approached, making the spectacle even more impressive. The path was easy going, wide and with views looking down onto the traffic heading north; yet even seeing so much traffic we couldn’t hear any noise, it was so nice. Later we descended towards a narrow bridge which now put us walking between the road and the train line again and alongside the River Allt Kinglass – the path here is quite solitary. We were at the base of Beinn Dorian when we saw a train coming on what must be a journey with spectacular views. We did see the occasional walkers who chatted as they past us, then it was on to the Bridge of Orchy Hotel

and the Bridge of Orchy

where we had lunch outside. Again boots off so the feet could cool down but the drawback was that the table was close to the main road so it was noisy. Whilst we were having lunch the Costas were leaving the hotel as they had had lunch and a drink inside. They left separately this time for some reason but gave us a friendly wave.

After lunch it was boots on, back on the trail, cross the bridge and uphill once more into a conifer plantation.

Midges were present, we could feel them on us when we stopped for photos.

The path wound gently on up to open mountainside (at 1050ft) which gave us views of Loch Tulla,

Rannoch Moor and the Black Mount with all-round vistas of other mountains. We just had to take more photos as the scenery was so spectacular.

We continued down the path to suddenly see our hotel in the distance

amongst the trees; it looked brilliant. As were getting near we could see the Costas outside, having a drink and talking to other people. We acknowledged each other and then registered at the hotel. Later we sat outside in the sun with the Costas before they left for the next 10 miles of their walk.

We were enjoying the peace and quiet of the day with a drink when we were greeted by the Carlisle ladies who were also staying at our hotel. As they were chatting to us a deer walked out from behind our accommodation into the field opposite. It didn’t run off so it must be used to people.

Unfortunately, we found we could not make contact with home as we didn’t have a signal on our mobile phones and after dinner we couldn’t sit outside because the midges were out in force ready and waiting for their next meal. There were signs around the hotel asking us not to open windows and to close doors before turning lights on so as not to attract them into the hotel. Consequently after a drink or two we called it a night.

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