West Highland Way – Day 6

Inveroran to Kinghouse – 10 miles

Breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs to start the day; I can thoroughly recommend it, it was lovely. We collected our packed lunches, then off to find the Victoria Bridge over Abhainn Shira River towards the old drovers road to Glen Coe.

As we were walking uphill on a wide path we had views of Loch Tulla to our right until we reached open woodland with sycamore, scots pine, silver birch trees – and midges! Luckily they didn’t bother us too much as there was a breeze. We crossed the River Allt Bhreacnais into various conifer plantations and past Ba Bridge, realising we were crossing Rannoch Moor which is

the largest wilderness in Britain, uninhabited except for mountains, walkers

and the threatening clouds that were following. We past the cairn summit at 1460ft looking over Rannoch

 Moor, now descending towards the A82 that we could see in the distance. Part way down we sheltered from the wind for lunch; it was boots off and take in the views. Whilst having lunch the Carlisle ladies went past, they wanted to get to Kingshouse before any rain came. Time for boots on and follow the path passing the Glen Coe ski centre. As we descended we could see the pyramid bulk of Buachaille Etive Mor (3,345ft) at the beginning of Glen Coe.

more photos here.

Then it was time to risk crossing the A82 again, waiting for a suitable space in traffic before making a dash across the road. From here on it was about 400 yards to the Kingshouse Hotel,

our next accommodation. The hotel was built in the 17th century and was used by troops as a barracks during the Battle of Culloden (1745). As we neared the hotel we saw the Carlisle ladies feeding a small group of deer; apparently the deer are regulars at the hotel as they know people will feed them.

After booking in and unpacking, we rested before our daily routine of freshening up and phoning home with the day’s progress. We headed down for aperitifs, dinner and a look at our rehydration programme.

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